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BLINQ is a consumer and media research consultancy. We focus on understanding consumer behaviour in disruptive markets, connect dots and tell stories that drive your business forward. 

Changes the way you see things  

We have over 20 years of international expertise in research and know how to design an analytical approach to identify key drivers of consumer behaviour and tell you why it matters. 


Human intelligence 

We deliver intellectual processes in the world of research automation and self-service survey's. 


Sounding board  

We help you to understand the bigger picture. We facilitate your discussions around product launches, consumer journeys and identify areas of potential growth.



Consumer Experience Mapping

We look at the journeys and not at touchpoints. Understanding the path and variety of connections to identify growth and pain points is crucial for success. We tell you the secrets.


We understand data. A lot. Developing inclusive data strategies that fit your requirements is our passion. 

Data Visualisation

We have an eye for great design and love to create insights that look stunning and are intuitive to understand.